Thursday, June 16, 2011

Life in Cumbria

Here are some stones that were strategically placed by people here a long time ago. They used this place for ceremonies, and for trading good with others that would come into the area.

There are tons of sheep here. There are more sheep here then cattle in Idaho.

This is a close picture of the rock walls that keep the sheep where they need to be. These walls are everywhere as you drive from one city to another.

John works during the day, so I spend lots of my time walking around, finding different interesting things.

All the cars in England are small. They have lots of the same name brands, but the models are much smaller then we have in the states. I did find a smart car that is older, but I thought it was a cute little car.

I found my first castle. It isn't much of a castle, but it was one. It was built in 1134. People still live in it on one side, the other side is breaking down. They won't let anyone in it except for special occasions like the summer festival in July.

I toured through the John Wordsworth home. He was a famous poet that lived in Cockermouth. It was interesting to see and learn how this family lived. This is a harpsicord that was in his house. I wished I had brushed up on my Beethoven, because they let me play it.

We are limited in space for our way home. I told myself I could find one thing to remember this trip by. Through all my looking this was it. The English are know for their tea, cakes, and pastries. This is something they would use to serve their cakes and pastries when they have their tea. And it matches what I have at home already.
Good find!

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