Sunday, June 12, 2011

On our way to Cumbria

I am amazed at how pretty and green everything is. These pictures were taken next to the river Ribble where the early missionaries that came to this area baptized several people.

As we drove to Cumbria we saw several fields full of sheep. Instead of fences, they have built rock walls. Those rock walls, I'm sure, took forever to build and are many years old. They are flat rocks stacked with no mortar of any kind.

This is an old church house that was built by one of George Washington's Grandfather's. I think it was built in the 1400's.

Outside of the old church's there is always a graveyard. Some of these headstones date back to the 1500's, and are as recent as 1975.

This is the house where John Taylor was born.

This is a plaque the church had made to mark the home.

Next to the plaque the owner's now have an egg stand, where they sell fresh eggs. Kind of funny.

These are some more pictures from the River Ribble, where lots of Saints were baptized by Heber C Kimball and others who served in this area. (Pres. Hinckley served his mission in this area, but I am sure he did his baptizing in a font.) The top picture is a picture of a garden area the church keeps up in memory of the missionary work in this area.

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